• It is my sincere hope that you find your Di Luce Designs something to treasure and wear for many years. Thank you for your purchase and I look forward to being of service. Please contact me with your questions or concerns.
    - Jennifer Lawrence Bennett

    Purchasing & Production
    Each piece is made to order, and is prepared within 14 days of your date of purchase. Production time can take up to 3 weeks during peak season, autumn and early winter. If your order will not be ready to ship within 14 days of your purchase date, you will be contacted via the email address provided at your time of purchase. * Should your order require a specific date of arrival, please keep this in mind when timing your purchase. You are also welcome to contact Jennifer to make specific arrangements.

    All purchases before tax of $80.00 or more, being shipped to one address, will ship via ground rate for FREE. Purchases of less than $80.00, before tax, will incur a $6.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping fee. Is your gift on a deadline and in a hurry? No problem! Simply email me directly to request a UPS 2-day, UPS Express or USPS EXPRESS preference. Additional costs will apply and be specific to your choice of shipping and handling.

    Should you not be delighted with your order, Di Luce Designs offers exchange credit within 14 days upon receipt, on all standard web purchases. * All returned items for exchange credit must be postmarked within 14 days upon receipt in order for return policy to be valid. At this time, custom orders are exempt from return. * Customer is responsible for original shipping costs and return shipping costs. Cost of shipping is not included in exchange credit.

    Please feel free to contact Jennifer directly regarding wholesale account information.

    Jewelry Care
    Di Luce Design's fine art jewelry is constructed with the utmost attention to detail. Each piece is built to be as beautiful as it is wearable and durable. As with anything delicate, jewelry should be treated with care to maintain its luster and resiliency. Follow these quick instructions and you'll find your Di Luce Design lasting a lifetime!

    Oxidized Silver
    Over time, oxidized silver can slowly lose its "blackish" color and reveal a range of silver hues from matte to shiny. I see this as part of the evolution process of the piece, a reminder that all things change. If you wish to enhance the shine of the silver, you may take a jewelry cloth, or silken rag, and gently polish the piece. If you wish to have the item re-oxidized, please email me at jlawrenceb@gmail.com; a $10 service fee per item will be applied and the customer is responsible for shipping costs incurred.

    Shine your sterling silver jewelry and its components, with a jewelry cloth to keep it looking shiny and new. Or allow nature to take its course and over time a variation of silver hues will give your Di Luce Design a unique patina.

    I take great care to clean the steel and seal it before it reaches you. However, steel is a sensitive material and in very humid climates can experience rust at its joints. If you do not live in a humid climate, be careful to not expose your steel item(s) to extended amounts of humidity. (For example, do not store in a bathroom). Should some joint rust occur, simply brush the affected area with a steel brush, lightly until all rust is visibly removed, and seal with clearcoat.

    Mica is perhaps the most sensitive material used in my designs. I recommend storing your Mica in a solid container, where your heavier jewelry will not impact it. Please avoid sleeping in your Mica jewelry! Wear with care and you will have it a lifetime.

    Vermeil is silver with a fine coating of gold. Over time, its luster finish will dull. However, it can be polished using equal amounts of water and baking soda formed into a paste. Chemical abrasives are too harsh for vermeil, such as soaps, and should be avoided as this can cause a chemical reaction and discolor the jewelry.
    - Apply the mixture paste to the vermeil by gently caking it onto the item with a non-abrasive clean cloth. The gold veneer atop the silver is very soft and can scratch easily. Avoid using any cloth or material that may be abrasive.
    - Rinse the paste away by running the vermeil item under warm running water.
    - Wipe it gently with a soft clean cloth, using light up and down motions. Never rub in a circular motion, as this may cause scratches.
    - Dry the vermeil with a soft dry clean cloth. This will buff it to bring back the shine. Voila!