di luce design - jennifer lawrence bennett

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Community Building Through Fence Art on Tuesday June 21st at Beer Sheva Park from 9-2. This is an installation of native plants made from recycled bottles by 6th grade science students at South Shore K-8 School. Students will give tours, host the community, and discuss the project.

Funded by the Office of Art and Culture and Seattle Parks and Recreation

Places to find my work in WA: Columbia City Gallery, KOBO Gallery, Venue:Ballard, Seattle Art Museum store, Bellevue Art Museum, Smith& Vallee, Schack Art Center in Everett…and more, see locations page.

You can find my work in Oregon at the Salem Art Center


I am a jewelry artist who uses sculptural elements on a small scale. The
concept of light plays out broadly and subtly in my work. I use small looms to create 3-dimensional, lightweight, wire forms that are manipulated into
shapes that suggest Medusozoa (jelly fish). I also incorporate raw material like mica into my jewelry because of its delicacy and translucence.
Jewelry as a medium is intimate because of scale. Traditionally it is worn, weathered on the body, and the adorner and maker must somehow engage. To create installation-sized works evocative of my wearable pieces, I’m expanding scale and stepping back to see the jewels in the trees.