di luce design - jennifer lawrence bennett

I originally made this cuff from a piece of reclaimed dresser hardware I purchased at a salvage store in FL. I could not find more pieces this large to work with, and wanted to make more, so I recently had many pieces water-jet cut so I could begin making more cuffs. No coincidence, this is also an homage to Wonder Woman!

This type of hardware referred to as “Chippendale-style,” for the famed British furniture maker, was prominent in the US in the mid 18th-century. Upon further research, I learned that the forms/shapes like this come from India and Persia. My guess is that Chippendale “borrowed” these shapes and brought the curvy lines into a rather linear furniture production. This style has lasted the test of time and influenced many of the things that adorn homes throughout the world.

CONTAINED at KOBO Gallery at Higo in the International District
Exhibition Dates: September 30, 2017 – October 21, 2017,

Places to find my work in WA: Columbia City Gallery, KOBO Gallery, Venue:Ballard, Seattle Art Museum store, Bellevue Art Museum, Smith& Vallee, Schack Art Center in Everett…and more, see locations page.

You can find my work in Oregon at the Salem Art Center


Di Luce means “of light” in Italian and that is one of my aspirations; to capture the subtleties of light in metal forms that creep into our NW consciousness. I look to the outside world, the forests and my garden, to reduce these natural forms into unique wearable sculptures that evoke a diligence to the hand made incorporating subtleties of light, space, and time. I use reclaimed metal and play with combinations of dark/light and all the gradations in between on silver, brass, and bronze. Each piece has its own story of coming to into fruition.